eurofunk welcomes longtime partner ICC Traunstein to St. Johann

Having worked with eurofunk hardware and software solutions for over 10 years, the dispatchers in Traunstein are among our most longstanding customers. We were therefore delighted to hear of their interest in a visit to the eurofunk headquarters in St. Johann. Here to greet the ICC Traunstein delegation on the 22nd of May were our colleagues Dieter Mayr, Karl Hagenberger and Joe Windinger.

Control center director Anton Groschack had this to say about the visit: “we were very pleased that eurofunk was able to accommodate us so quickly. We arrived at about 9:30 am to a warm welcome followed by a one hour talk on such subjects as the eurofunk product portfolio, its company policy, the roles played by the specialized departments as well as a general overview of company facts and figures. Managing Director Dr. Christian Kappacher also insisted on giving us a warm and personal welcome. Following this we were given a 3-hour tour of the specialized departments and the rest of the company premises. The specialized departments explained in detail their respective tasks and we were given opportunity to ask targeted questions. At 2:00 pm – well-refreshed and with many lasting impressions – we took our leave. Now it is clear to our employees why eurofunk has adopted creating safety by technology as its company motto.”

We would like to thank the ICC Traunstein for spending the day with us, for the many interesting conversations and for the opportunity to address questions and concerns.

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