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Trainee Program

The eurofunk Trainee Program is designed to help those who have a received basic technical training from a technical college (HTL), a technical university (FH) or through work experience in another technical occupation, to find their technical niche. Throughout his or her internship the trainee is given enough time in various departments to get past first impressions and make an informed choice. First-hand experience instead of theoretical guess work – we at eurofunk are convinced this is the path of the future.

Icon Zertifikat

Total duration of the program:
12 months; entry is possible every
2 months

  • can be completed in parallel to university studies (full time or part time)
  • Internal training
  • 5 weeks’ vacation
  • Place of employment: : St. Johann im Pongau



Consulting is where you receive an overview of and basic training in eurofunk systems and products
Duration: 2 months


In this part of the program, you will be join the team that manufactures IT landscapes for our customers.
Duration: 2 months


In Assemblies you will find out more about the eurofunk hardware
Duration: 2 months


Here, you will help construct state-of-the-art communications systems in critical infrastructure.
Duration: 2 months


In this part of the program, you help design eurofunk multimedia solutions and work with automation technology.
Duration: 2 months


Here, you come into direct contact with our customers and gain experience in handling customer inquiries.
Duration: 2 months



Important information, dates and downloads

We have put together a trainee program information package that includes the most important FAQs and an info flyer that can either be downloaded or picked up at our head office. Please also see our trade fair dates under Meet us.

Entry to the program is possible every 2 months!

At least one internship is awarded every two months with flexible date of entry. This means that you won’t have to worry about graduation dates, compulsory military service, your trip around the world or missing your next class in Klingon

Employment contract

The employment contract you receive as part of the trainee program is valid after the program ends. This is because we see trainees as eurofunk employees who just need a moment to find their place in the company.

Who are we looking for?

Are you interested in IT or electronics? Have you completed vocational training or a degree in this field? Then take a minute and fill out an application. We would love to meet you.

How long does it take?

6 departments look forward to showing you how we work, what our products are and so much more. Two weeks isn’t quite long enough. That’s why our trainee program spans one year.

What happens next?

Training takes a year. After that, we are pleased to help you to find the position that best suits your interests and qualifications, in a department in which you feel comfortable.

Do I have to pay for the training I receive during the one-year program?

No, you don’t! The training doesn’t cost you a cent – on the contrary, you’ll be paid for it! In return, you will be working hand in hand with our experts, who will let you in on the secrets of eurofunk technology.

Technology focal points

During the 12 months of training you will have the following focal points: IT hardware, networks & operating systems, Oracle data bases, Voice over IP and wireless communications technology, SPS & multimedia technologies, eurofunk, products in the field of public safety

And action!


» From eurofunk employee to the head of your division – anything is possible if you keep your eyes on the prize and work hard to achieve your goals.«
- Markus Schafflinger , Head of Solutions Division


»By using eurofunk Active Monitoring (eAM), the operational dependability of the control center is increased many times over. Possible sources of interference are detected at an early stage before they begin to impact control center operations.«
Anton Groschack, Head of ICC Traunstein