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Signing and encrypting e-mails

Why should I sign or encrypt my emails?

Signing an email with a personal digital certificate ensures that the mail was sent from the specified sender and has not been changed during transmission. The encryption of an email ensures that the content can’t be read by third parties.

Why did I receive this mail?

Totemo E-Mail Verschlüsselung

An employee from the company eurofunk GmbH sent you an encrypted message. To ensure that the message is only delivered to the authorized recipient, you need to identify yourself to the system.

For this reason you were sent a one-time registration password. During the registration process it is possible to change certain settings to better suit your preference. These might include language settings or the channel that should be used for communication regarding further encrypted emails.

How does the registration work?

In the email, click on the link “Jetzt registrieren”. Enter the one-time password you see listed in the email.

To get to the next step click „Confirm“. On the next page you can set your own personal password.

After setting your password you can choose the channel

Registration is now complete. Please try to log in to the web portal. If the log-in was successful you can access your encrypted emails and send encrypted replies.

In the web portal you will find further settings such as those for the communication channel (for example if you want future emails to go to your outlook mailbox)