Frankfurt Airport converts to the eurofunk IP-based communications system IDDS UCiP

At the beginning of 2018, eurofunk successfully installed IDDS UCiP, a new, IP-based communication system in the Security Control Center at Frankfurt airport.


The delivered system comprised 16 workstations in total, for both the regular control center and the redundancy control center, located in a separate building. All systems were fully integrated into the Frankfurt Airport IP network and all central server elements aligned to the data center infrastructure of the airport. The workplaces were set up as standard PCs in accordance with Fraport’s internal IT requirements and provisioned and managed by the airport’s IT department. This means that the new system fits perfectly into the IT environment of this major airport.

The system is connected to the BOS digital radio network as well as to Frankfurt airport’s own private TETRA network. Other analog radio circuits are also integrated into the system. The existing telecommunications system is connected to the security center via interfaces. A particular challenge faced here was that the communication system had to be installed and commissioned whilst the security control center was still up and running. This meant that some installation work could only be carried out at night. Transition from the old system to the new one had to be carried out at off-peak times and within the shortest possible timeframe. Any mechanical modifications to operator desks had to be carried out in advance during the night hours.

The communications system was integrated into the control center’s existing Incident Management System and now supports operators in accepting emergency calls and dispatching emergency personnel using a workflow specially developed for Frankfurt Airport. This can be operated manually using the communication system’s touchscreens or integrated into the Incident Management System’s work processes. The system we delivered has been readied for digital radio alerts and represents a future-oriented, flexible platform for new technologies in terms of communication with emergency services and the callers seeking help.