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We are a reliable partner with a long-term focus, and we want to help our customers become even better at what they do. The following customers trust our fully-integrated control center solutions.


The objective of the European SPIDER project was to harness the synergy potential…

Integrated control center Munich

A total of 36 operations workstations and 22 emergency-call response workstations…

Networked Control Centers Red Cross Upper Austria

In 2011, the construction of the Steyr control center marked the start of the “Networked…

Integrated control center Mannheim

This project started in mid 2016 and centered around the new fire service building…

District Control Centers Höxter, Lippe, Paderborn

The three districts of Höxter, Lippe and Paderborn are expanding the cooperation…

Airport Frankfurt am Main

eurofunk successfully installed IDDS UCiP…

Police control centers Saxony-Anhalt

In a two-year project, the three police control centers in Dessau, Halle and Magdeburg were equipped with a eurofunk command and control solution and the eurofunk communication solution IDDS UCiP. The state-wide control center solution was rounded off with a landline connection to digital radio and the delivery of eurofunk control center desks

Police control centers Schleswig-Holstein

In 2008, eurofunk was commissioned to set up five police control centers (two of these were combined control centers for police and municipality and one was a Situation Management Center). The eurofunk command and control solution and communication solution were both employed here. Multimedia solutions, IT solutions and the all furnishings also originated from eurofunk.


For over 15 years, BMW AG in Germany has trusted technology made by eurofunk. Their works in Munich (incl. BMW World), Dingolfing, Regensburg, Leipzig and Berlin use our communication technology for works security and fire prevention. Incidents are managed through the ELDIS IC command and control solution. In addition, the barriers and gates at many of their locations are controlled using eurofunk technology.

Integrated control center Nuremberg

Integrated control center Augsburg

Integrated control center Regensburg

Integrated control center Traunstein

Allianz AG

Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG

Wacker Chemie AG

Airport Munich

Airport Stuttgart

Ruhr Oel GmbH – BP Gelsenkirchen

Daimler AG

Bayer AG

Chemical Park Linz Professional Fire Service

Professional Fire Service Bochum

Professional Fire Service Gelsenkirchen

Professional Fire Service Graz

In 1998, the fire detection center of the Graz Professional Fire Services went into operation. It is equipped with incident management and communication technology, radio systems, in-vehicle data terminals, media equipment, station alert and administrative software for post-incident processing and reporting from eurofunk.

Professional Fire Service Halle

Professional Fire Service Salzburg

Integrated control center Amberg

Integrated control center Aschaffenburg

Integrated control center Bamberg

Fire and rescue control center Rheinisch-Bergischer Kreis

State Firefighting Academy Geretsried

Integrated control center Allgäu

Integrated control center Bayreuth

Integrated control center Coburg

Integrated control center Danube-Iller

Integrated control center Erding

Integrated control center Fürstenfeldbruck

Integrated control center High Franconia

Integrated control center Ingolstadt

Integrated control center Landshut

Integrated control center Minden

Integrated control center Oberland-Weilheim

Integrated control center Passau

Integrated control center Rhine-Neckar

Integrated control center Rosenheim

Integrated control center Schweinfurt

Integrated control center Straubing

Integrated control center Waldshut

Integrated control center Weiden

Integrated control center Würzburg

District Control Center Diepholz

District Control Center Herford

District Control Center Rhine-Erft

District Control Center Viersen

Networked Control Center Carinthia: Regional Alert and Warning Center

Police Brandenburg

As part of the police structural reform „Polizei Brandenburg 2020”, the Potsdam Police Headquarters was renovated and expanded in 2014. The control center was expanded to 24 workstations and equipped with control center tables from eurofunk. The IP-based communications system IDDS UCiP was implemented and enables a relapse concept that is unique in Germany.

Police Hesse

Police Kaiserslautern

Police control center Maastricht

Evonik Industries AG

The safety center of Evonik Industries AG in Marl consists of six workstations. The communication solution IDDS UCiP is used, which integrates both telephony and digital radio. Incidents are handled with the command & control solution ELDIS. The mission data is transferred directly into the vehicle garage as well as into the vehicles themselves, with separate terminals available for this purpose.

Bosch Rexroth AG

Military training area Hohenfels

MiRO Mineraloelraffinerie Oberrhein GmbH & Co. KG