Networked Control Centers Red Cross Upper Austria

In 2011, the construction of the Steyr control center marked the start of the “Networked Control Centers Red Cross Upper Austria” project. After tailoring the command and control software to the needs of the Red Cross, planning for the central Incident Management Server technology and the communication network got underway.


The future aim of Red Cross Upper Austria was to operate out of only 5 control centers.

In 2013, the central Incident Management server was set up redundantly at two locations (Linz and Wels) and brought into service. The control center in Steyr was also connected to the central Incident Management Server.

After completion of the new control center room in 2016, the control center in Ried im Innkreis was integrated into the network. In the same year, the control centers in Steyr and Wels were retrofitted with the new communication technology. In addition to the Incident Management Server network, this also created a communication network at the Red Cross Upper Austria locations.

As a result, functions such as free seating, emergency call overflow and substitution between the locations are now possible. In 2016, conversion work and technology upgrades also took place during ongoing operations on site. For the conversion, existing workplaces were first relocated to an adjacent office within the control center. After the control room was renovated, ten new workstations were installed and the new technology brought into service.

The last location to be renovated was the Gmunden control center. Here, the existing control center building was completely rebuilt on the same site and a new control center room created. In 2017, the Gmunden control center was the last of the five control centers to go live. This was followed by the first amalgamation of the control centers and the old control center Vöcklabruck was relocated to Gmunden.

The new infrastructure offers numerous advantages for Red Cross Upper Austria. For example, in the case of a large-scale emergency, it is easy to set up a support operation within the control center network or organize a nighttime substitution.