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Digital Radio Gateways

Compared with conventional analog radio, digital radio is secure against interception and allows one-to-one communication. With digital radio, participants from different user groups can be connected and speech and reception quality are better. Every radio device has an emergency call button and there are many more advantages compared to analog radio. In order to integrate digital radio in the best possible way into control centers, eurofunk also offers optimum solutions here, in its 360° portfolio.

In detail

eurofunk provides various gateways as an interface between the control center and TETRA infrastructure for eurofunk IP-based communication systems (IDDS UCiP and emc² VOIP). The transmission of data communication and language takes place via IP.


Gateways TETRA Network


TETRA Network


TETRA Network


model connection digital radio plug device connectivity Motorola device connectivity Hytera device connectivity
TETRA Gateway Eurofunk Signet
Digital Radio Gateway Eurofunk Signet
Motorola Gateway Eurofunk Signet
Hytera Gateway Eurofunk Signet
Media Gateway Eurofunk Signet Eurofunk Signet Eurofunk Signet
Radio Gateway Eurofunk Signet Eurofunk Signet Eurofunk Signet

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