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eMS: Your All-in-One Solution for Streamlined Incident Management

Welcome to the eurofunk-Management-Suite, or eMS, a cutting-edge web-based software solution that simplifies every aspect of incident preparation and follow-up. eMS integrates seamlessly with our recognized software family – ELDIS 3, eOCS, and eBI – to provide a comprehensive incident management experience.

At its core, eMS is your go-to software for mission preparation and post-mission tasks. It handles everything from duty scheduling to incident resource management and mission reporting, charging, and travel log maintenance. Through the automation of these administrative and managerial procedures, eMS enhances efficiency and effective time utilization, thereby supporting and augmenting your emergency call and mission control efforts.


eMS, now in its fifth generation, continues eurofunk‘s 25-year history of supporting emergency response organizations of all sizes with pre- and post-deployment preparations.

eurofunk Mission Support Sysstems

Designed as a web application, eMS is accessible on both stationary devices like desktop PCs and notebooks, as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. It boasts a dynamic layout, responsive design, and touchscreen optimization, ensuring a seamless experience across devices. Plus, we stay up-to-date with the latest web standards, guaranteeing compatibility across various operating systems and web browsers.


When it comes to mission preparation, the eMS Duty Roster module offers helpful features for personnel deployment planning. Strategic specifications and organizational frameworks can be mapped out effortlessly. Our innovative planning groups allow you to organize employees in a customizable structure and hierarchy, simplifying oversight for large organizations and enabling flexible duty planner assignments. eMS even accommodates separate organizations to allow for data privacy.

Our employee management functions capture a wide range of master data and employee information vital to duty operations. Attendance planning ensures that the right personnel is scheduled daily, with real-time updates and flexible customization. Function planning helps allocate staff to specific functions like vehicles and work services, aided by an automatic suggestion feature. These planning processes are visual and interactive and adaptable to your unique needs and scenarios.

Our system offers an automated suggestion feature, initiated with a single click, to facilitate rapid generation of staffing recommendations based on individual criteria for function planning. We provide a user-centric approach to attendance and function planning through graphically interactive pages. These pages can be extensively customized by each user, accommodating not only personal preferences and device-specific requirements but also varying planning scenarios. Comprehensive account management with performance metrics offers a clear overview of attendance and function planning, enabling the generation of precise account balances for both planning groups and employees. This data can also serve as a foundation for exporting duty roster data to external systems, such as SAP. For fire safety services, our integrated fire safety watch function supports planners in handling complex planning tasks. Flexible printouts, available in the form of generated PDF files, facilitate the targeted extraction of data from all functional areas of the eMS duty roster, enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

eMS offers comprehensive account management with key figures, providing clear attendance and function planning insights. You can even export duty roster data to external systems like SAP. For fire safety services, our integrated fire safety watch function streamlines challenging planning tasks. eMS also provides versatile PDF-format printout options, streamlining data output.

Streamline Your Workflow with Centralized User Management

eMS utilizes a centralized user and authorization management system, which allows users with responsibilities across multiple modules to access their tasks with a single login. Master data and transactional data can be shared and used in cooperation with different eMS modules, minimizing errors and eliminating the need for redundant data entry.

Stay Informed with eMS Infoscreen

With the eMS Infoscreen, you can display critical duty roster information, such as employee attendance and vehicle occupancy, at various locations. Customize the visual design to suit your specific needs, including screen size, viewing distance, and lighting conditions. You can even incorporate sound playback and text-to-speech output for important notifications.

Unlock the Power of Data with eBI

To gain deeper insights, use our business intelligence tool, eBI, to analyze and display data from all eMS modules, either in isolation or in combination with data from ELDIS 3, eOCS, or other eMS modules. Create live dashboards to access real-time data and key figures, ensuring you always have the information you need.

Choose eMS for a smoother, more efficient deployment management experience. With eurofunk‘s expertise and cutting-edge technology, you‘re in control every step of the way.


For more details on eBI, please refer to the following pages.