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Innovation Needs Space – eurofunk‘s New Offices

At eurofunk, we believe that innovation flourishes when given the right environment. Our recent office expansion is designed to enhance our capacity to generate groundbreaking ideas and drive technological progress. We‘ve taken great care to create an exceptional environment where both our current team members and talented newcomers are free to express their creativity. This space is dedicated to creating cutting-edge control center solutions and solidifying our position as the industry leader.

Introducing the Innovation Office Berlin

Our „Cooperative Control Center Berlin“ project is a major milestone in eurofunk’s history. To be closer to our customers, we‘ve secured office space in Berlin. This move not only strengthens our partnerships with local authorities but also allows us to tap into the pool of local talent.

Our Berlin office is now situated in Techspace Kreuzberg, a modern office that‘s conducive to innovation. It accommodates a team of twelve, spanning Software Development, Customer Consulting, and Field Service. Beyond work, our sun terrace, table tennis, and team events promote collaboration and creativity.

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Development Offices Linz Urfahr & Klagenfurt

In 2023, eurofunk established two new development offices in Linz-Urfahr and Klagenfurt. In June 2023, our Linz-Urfahr location became the workplace for up to 20 dedicated professionals, while in Klagenfurt at the Lakeside Science & Technology Park, our previously established office grew to accommodate a team of up to 35 members.

Our offices enjoy excellent connectivity to dependable public transportation networks, enabling effortless teamwork and easy accessibility for our clients. This connectivity is designed to foster and sustain long-term partnerships and the exchange of knowledge with prestigious academic institutions such as the Hagenberg University of Applied Sciences, the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University of Klagenfurt, and various technical colleges.

In addition to this, we are dedicated to fostering emerging talent through our internship initiatives, providing young individuals with valuable insights into eurofunk‘s world and control center technology.

Come be a part of our dynamic environment, where innovation thrives and flourishes. Together, we are actively shaping the future of control center technology. #eurofunkInnovates

eurofunk Niederlassung Link Urfahr
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