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eurofunk Headquarters

With Sustainability to Certification

Sustainability has long been an integral component of eurofunk‘s daily operations and the decision to pursue ISO 14001 certification has put further emphasis on the importance of this commitment. In addition, our discerning customers are actively integrating sustainability requirements into their supplier evaluation criteria, particularly in the demanding context of control centers where system reliability is of paramount importance. In this context, our purchasing strategy prioritizes hardware suppliers that employ energy-efficient and low-CO2 emission products throughout their production processes.


In November 2022, eurofunk successfully achieved ISO 14001 certification, adding to our existing ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications. This accomplishment was made possible by creating a comprehensive environmental management system. This system was carefully developed to define and continuously enhance our operational procedures, with a strong emphasis on improving our sustainability efforts. Implementing this environmental management system enables eurofunk to set and actively pursue sustainability goals while maintaining strict adherence to environmental regulations and guidelines. Furthermore, our management system simplifies the process of establishing objectives and implementing actions to advance our sustainability initiatives.

Nachhaltigkeit bei eurofunk


Historically, eurofunk‘s average annual electricity consumption amounted to approximately 1,400 megawatt hours. Since the summer of 2022, we have installed 1,200 photovoltaic panels, boasting a peak power output of 500 kWp, on the roofs of our St. Johann headquarters. This photovoltaic system now generates approximately one third of our total electricity consumption at the site, resulting in substantial cost savings and a notable contribution to our sustainability efforts. Furthermore, we have optimized air conditioning controls, ensuring a minimum room temperature of 24°C, and adapted automatic lighting controls to minimize unnecessary illumination. These measures have significantly improved our energy efficiency.


In 2022, eurofunk employees commuted to work a total of 12 million kilometers. Surprisingly, this is less than the total distance they traveled for business trips. Thanks to our flexible work-from-home options, we managed to reduce these commutes by almost 20%. We also introduced a carpooling platform to encourage employees to share rides, and we provided eco-friendly train tickets for both business and personal travel at all our locations. These endeavors underscore our dedication to conscientious resource management and our drive to create a favorable environmental footprint.


Our employees actively engage in ongoing initiatives and receive encouragement from our environmental management team to pursue additional activities. Suggestions for improvement are consistently evaluated and discussed in a monthly meeting of the eurofunk Sustainability Board. This board comprises managers from all areas responsible for translating these measures into actionable organizational practices.

“Here in the mountains sustainability is a fundamental value. eurofunk management is committed to further integrating this principle into our organization to help ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.”

Christian Kappacher – CEO