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Southeast Hesse Police Headquarters

eurofunk control center technology for Germany’s most modern police headquarters

The Southeast Hesse Police are now headquartered in the most contemporary facilities in the country. Three years in the making with its base in Offenbach, this new flagship for the security services offers state-of-the-art working conditions for around 900 Hessian police officers on a net floor space of over 68,000m². Modern offices, zones for special police technology, laboratories, a day care center, a multi-purpose hall, motor vehicle and forensic examination facilities, a canteen, a parking garage, detention areas and a police station make up the main functional units of this striking building complex. Designed by eurofunk, the control and command center forms a vital security hub for the residents of southeast Hesse.  By centralizing all emergency calls from the Main-Kinzig district as well as from the city and district of Offenbach, all patrol cars and response personnel from Egelsbach to the Bergwinkel near Schlüchtern can be coordinated and dispatched from one location.

Fotos: ©Daniel Schvarcz

Citizens benefit in particular from eurofunk’s state-of-the-art control center equipment, incorporating all functions relevant to operations and situation management in a single system. IP-based, end-to-end browser-enabled communications technology has been integrated into eOCS for emergency call and radio dispatch. All essential components are supplied by one company and provide seamless workflows on an intuitive user interface.

Also unique to the command and control center are the state-of-the-art control center desks. The innovative light and sound bar ensures optimal lighting conditions at the individual workstations and vertically arranged loudspeakers optimize workstation sound conditions while minimizing acoustic interference from the rest of the control center area. Electrically height-adjustable desks and monitors combined with innovative user interfaces and workflows form the basis for a health-friendly working environment at the twelve workstations.

We at eurofunk would like to congratulate all employees of the Southeast Hessian police on the new control center. We thank you for the trust you have placed in us and wish you much success in your new working environment!