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eOCS – eurofunk Operations Center Suite

We create fully integrated control center solutions according to the individual requirements of each customer. Our “eurofunk Operations Center Suite” (eOCS) is the core and information hub of the next generation.

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In detail

eOCS has allowed us to create thoroughly innovative and holistic software solutions for control centers.


To do this, we have drawn on our extensive experience from the development of existing products and from the highly innovative capabilities of our employees. eOCS represents the next generation of our control center systems using state-of-the-art technologies. From command and control to communication system, through administration and beyond, all control center tasks are combined into a uniform and consistent web-based operation.

eOCS offers excellent operational security and has a highly scalable, service-based architecture which means that it is perfectly geared towards future requirements. For the user, eOCS offers the best possible reduction in stress and increase in efficiency; in an emergency, this reduces the risk associated with decision-making for emergency personnel. By focusing on excellence in all areas, eOCS provides an unprecedented level of quality of support to those affected by real-life events be they dispatchers, emergency personnel or people who find themselves in an emergency situation.

Innovative features

  • 100% browser-based operation
  • Unified user interface for all control center tasks (command and control system, communication system, voice recording, video surveillance, etc.) incl. incorporation of external applications
  • Different view levels for a better overview and more detail at the right time
  • Efficient and workflow-based user interface
  • Adaptive display depending on the screen configuration
  • Reduction of complexity, stress and risks for the user
  • Common standard for control center and cross-organizational cooperation
  • Extensive authorization and role management for individual, networked or virtual control centers and organizations
  • Continuous logging of all events to a central location with fast and straightforward search facility
  • Comprehensive enrichment of incoming event data and graphical display using Geo information
  • Comprehensive and integrated monitoring of all components and services (Health Check)
  • Highly scalable, service-oriented architecture for possible use in cloud solutions

Information hub

By incorporating new technologies and merging the various information sources and sensor technologies into a single “decision-making-point”, eOCS sets new standards for decision-making in tactical incident management. For example, live data can be streamed from accidents or other incidents directly to the control center and processed accordingly. The user’s mental workload is reduced by the cross-media merging of all relevant information to one point. Ease of use and efficiency increase even though the background system topography has increased in complexity.

Cloud Solution

For customers who want to outsource infrastructure, the new cloud-based solution offers a simple way of obtaining a safety-critical application with short project lead times as a service, without the need to maintain their own IT systems.

Integrated Solution

In addition to using modern and forward-looking web technologies, a special focus was to integrate the operation of hardware elements of the communication technology in a browser interface. This enabled us to offer our customers stable and maintainable all-in-one solutions for all critical issues encountered in a control center such as reliability, redundancy, monitoring, scalability, data security and performance.

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