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IT Security Solution

Data protection and information security play a vital role and are already firmly anchored in the design of our complete solution – ensuring that we provide an all-in-one control center IT solution which is secure and always available!

it security grafik

Cyber attacks

Companies and organizations are often the target of cyber attacks. It is very difficult for an end user or operator to keep up-to-date with technological developments and maintain an overview of the changing attack vectors that a company or organization faces. It is not enough to simply consider the matter at the point of acquisition – the threats that a company or organization faces change on a daily basis, and this is why these threats need to be the subject of regular reconsideration.

Security LAB

It is important to understand the toolset at the disposal of the attackers to be able to thwart attacks. In our specially designed security LAB, we have the facilities to explore current trends and to familiarize ourselves with threat models. The team can try out attack scenarios in a secure environment and therefore help customers to recognize a threat in good time and to address these dangers proactively.

More than just infrastructure

Our customers field of work comes under the category of critical infrastructure (KRITIS) and therefore the topic of security must be considered very carefully. It is essential that we make sure that a customer solution is not merely the implementation of hardware and infrastructure. With infrastructures like these, it is vital to consider information security. This view is also reflected in daily interactions, planning and implementation of customer projects.

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