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An alert automatically causes gates and barriers to open and close at precisely the right time whilst at the same time triggering phased traffic lights in cities. On night alerts, lighting is activated, doors are opened, and announcements are received from the control center. A visitor is shown automatically on the videowall and the system-activated door opening is displayed. These are just a few examples of how interfaces to building technology and other technologies are created in our 360° solutions.

Linking of building technology interfaces

  • Public address signals (PA)
  • Acoustic signals & announcements
  • Opening & closing of gates & barriers
  • Activation of screens, louvered blinds
  • Warning lights
  • Warning the surrounding area (sirens, announcements)
  • Fire detection systems
  • Navigation systems
  • Pagers, messengers
  • Telephones, fax
  • Traffic lights
  • Email

Integration of external systems, analog & digital

Station alert

The redevelopment of the existing PA gateway and station alert service have been seamlessly integrated into the eurofunk communication solution IDDS UCiP.

The PA gateways can be accessed in two ways – the primary route is an IP connection between the control center technology and the PA gateway. A secondary route can be set up using an ISDN S0 connection. A fallback level such as this can be used to make station announcements from any control center workstation or extension telephone.

The operator can use the IDDS UCiP Dispatcher to issue a manual alert from a choice of alert paths. The improved ELA interface to the incident management server enhances the automated announcements that are possible. Depending on the predefined sequence, a gong can be sounded, the primary speech path chosen and a text block (text-to-speech) played. Alternatively, a previous announcement or a recorded announcement can be repeated.

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