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eurofunk Active Monitoring – Practice Report

Avoid problems before they occur with Active Monitoring – eurofunk’s permanent system monitoring solution.

eurofunk has been offering Monitoring-as-a-Service since 2019 under the name eurofunk Active Monitoring (eAM). Through constant monitoring and prompt reaction to system notifications, many potential errors can be avoided before they occur.
Currently we monitor more than 2,800 hosts with over 60,000 individual monitoring sessions. Systems are reporting an average of 100 events per month. Not every event leads to an error, but we can gage the overall health of a system by the number of events reported.

One example from daily business is an unstable network connection to the digital radio connector. This problem would have remained undetected in systems without active monitoring. Redundancy mechanisms provide for a switch between primary and secondary paths except for the duration of the switch. With the help of eAM, the network connection can be stabilized through quick detection of the initial error.

Custommer comment on eAM

Active monitoring has a decisive advantage. Possible sources of interference are detected at an early stage before they begin to impact control center operations. By using eAM, the operational dependability of the control center as a high-reliability organization is increased many times over. ILS Traunstein therefore recommends to all eurofunk control center customers: consider implementing eAM in your control center and let eurofunk advise you.

Anton Groschack, Head of ICC Traunstein

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